Nagging Girlfriend!

I am 29 year have been dating this guy for the past five years now. Since  we started dating, I have been fighting him over one woman or the other. Let me just say he is a Cassonova. Only, last year he took me to his elder sister place telling me he wants to marry me and I agreed, but since then our fighting continues. I’m this hot tempered kind, and this guy in question doesn’t call that much.

Formally, it used to be 3times a week but now its once. If I complain he gets worst anytime I try to call. Atimes, he won’t pick and won’t call back, so I do get angry and insult him telling him I don’t want the relationship again and he will reply telling me he wish me well and sometime he do apologise. The final one he did was when he went for camp this past month.

Anytime he calls he will tell me he doesn’t have much airtime or his battery is down and if I try to call it back, it doesn’t connect. For like two weeks no communication, and when his is done with the camp he comes back apologising. Last night I called him, he kept my line “on waiting” or ignores.

So I got mad at him and told him i’m no longer interested because he was with a woman that was why he ignores my call. So he replied saying, I like concluding sometime and that is this what he will be facing when he marries me?. That I should go… I called again to apologise and he said if I repeat the call again, he will take it personal because he is tired of my nagging and conclusions.

Help me I don’t know if I should just let him go or continue. Need your advice.


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