Please, Help My Friend.

This is for a friend who always seek for my advice but now seems the situation is beyond me.
She got married in 2007 and with two kids but since 2011 till date, she and her hubby have not lived  as husband and wife. The man doesn’t eat her food despite he brings money for the food.

My friend sleeps in the children’s room instead of sleeping in her room or her husband’s room. The problem is that she was wrongly advised by her mum on how to live with her husband.
Her mum gave her a so called “Love portion ” to give her husband. Her maid saw it and showed it to her husband.

The Love portion became poisonous to the man which made him to be sick for several months. She accepted that she was wrong, we are only looking for a way out.  Now she has realised  her mistakes but how can she get her hubby back?

Although they are not divorced but i believe d man allowed her because of  their  kids. They are  still tender & he loves  d kids so much. Recently, her husband offered her 5 million Naira cash 2 leave him & d family alone. I told her not to touch d money. I feel he’s about to take another woman, because he has been seen moving around with a particular lady for some  time now.

How can she prevent him from re marrying. How can she make him to love her again. How can she prevent this divorce that is stirring at her now?


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