Stucked “Be-twins”…I’m I Being Sentimental???.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 7 Years now. He is a twin, 29yrs and i’m 27yrs. June last year he started talking about marriage, I finally accepted his proposal in January.
Told my parents in February and my mum asked he comes to see her, which I told him.

I initially thought it was a joke when he said he will only come when his brother is around (his brother has been out of town since December to be back in july).
Each time I remind him, he sticks to the same story of “until is brother gets back”. He is not a stranger in my home. But sticking to the fact that he will only come when is brother is around his scary.

He is always emphasising he can’t be separated or won’t do anything behind his brother. His brother is important. Several times i’ve seen him clearly choosing is brother over me. I’m worried. This is over 4months and he has refused to see my mum. I even insisted but to no avail. I want to be sure it’s not me being sentimental. I’m sensing this might be a big issue. This days I just get so irritated and it is really causing a set back in our relationship.

And when it comes to his twin there is nothing you say that is important, I need your advice to what to do. Why should he be waiting for his brother to do things. Am I being sentimental or is it normal to feel this way.
Please advice, because I’m really at the edge of calling this off.


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