Genotype Issue…Do I Leave My Marriage or Stay?

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I am S…, please i’ve been going through issues with my marriage since the beginning of this year. Let me start from here, when I met my husband he told me he had a girl and a boy from another woman but they were not married, I accepted him because I loved him, he was sending money to the other woman for his children’s upkeep, but he wasn’t really communicating with her.

But six months after we settled down as man and wife, he started chatting the other woman up and she keeps telling him about their past together and about sex. I have been bothered since then but kept on praying to God for wisdom. I had my baby (boy) in may 2014 and during January 2015, I realized my baby’s genotype was SS, I and my hubby was so devastated and i expected him to tell me that we could work things out, but my husband changed drastically and told me that we have to dissolve the marriage, I was so sad.

Mind u, we checked our genotype before we got married but the results were wrong on my side. I am SC, while my husband is AS.
My husband started treating me bad at home, my parents asked me to come back home which i did. But now, my husband is asking me to come back to him, but he has vowed never to come to my house to see my parent because they took me in, and my parents does not want me to go back to him yet because they are still angry with him and are surprised that he has a son from another woman which I never told them until now.
Right now i’m in a dilemma, I don’t know what to do, my husband is too proud and doesn’t know how to say sorry no matter how much he wants something. I really want to get back to my husband but he’s not doing things right. Please I need your advice on what I should do? Go ahead with the marriage or move ahead in life without him.

Remember, we have two issues:
1. The genotype
2. The other woman with 2 kids for him.

Thanks, while I await your response.


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