He Goes Online To Deceive Women!

I’m so confused and really don’t know where to begin. I went into a relationship with some one that I thought I knew. I fell in love thinking we were soul mates, not knowing I was dealing with a chronic player. We lived together for two years and I had a baby for him. It was during the period I was pregnant I noticed his shady dealings with women.

He goes online and deceives women. He tells them the same story he told me when we met… telling them he is single and not in any relationship and wants to settle down with them. He travels to any part of the country to meet with them. On the day of my delivery he disappeared and i’m not sure he slept at home that day. I guess he was with one of his numerous women.

He stays in my house, drives my car and uses my money to go on dates with women. He was jobless for the two years we dated. I helped him financially and stood by him all through those difficult times. A day to the election in march, he travelled home to go and vote and he didn’t come back. He left me with our 4months old baby and has not come back since then.

She hasn’t seen her father for 4months now. Whenever I ask him what the issue is, he says he has a job he’s working on. He keeps saying he’s coming back. I can’t stand his cheating and womanising ways anymore but at the same time i don’t want to deprive my daughter of her dad. I think he was with me because i was just an option when he didn’t have a job and my life is on hold right now because I don’t know what to do.

Apart from his womanising ways, he’s a good person. He is always with me, he took care of me all through my pregnancy until I saw his dealings with women on his phone. There’s no way I would have known he’s a player and will still allow him near me, no way. What can I do?


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