In Your Own Opinion, What Should I Do?

I met this lady in approximately 14months ago few days after me and my ex were divorced. So, we have been trying to run things. I met her mother for the first time with a sickness and God used me to assist. I later realised that this woman has no tangible work, their survival is always threatening. She has two junior ones, one lady and one boy.

The lady herself was in a private university in Ghana. She was been sponsored by one government official man and she told me that there is nothing between them… that the man just create interest in sponsoring her.
Then I try to fight that notion because I did not believe that, based on some further discussions we had over who the man was.

But I try to forget what has happened before I met her and I told her not to ask the man for anything again. Including her school fees, pocket money and others. I took sole responsibility of her and whatever God blessed me with I give her mother and the junior brother too… it was all going well.

But one day I saw a picture on her facebook page which she snapped with a guy in Ghana. The picture gave me a cause for concern because of the way they took the picture and the engagement ring that I gave her was not in her hand. Then there were some comments under that post that asked the guy who she was, by the guy family friends and the guy replied “she is my wife to be”.

I did more of my findings and I ascertained that they were truly dating secretly.
When I confronted her she denied it. She said “I only snapped with him and she nags with some silly excuse for not wearing the ring.
I tried to forget about that episode with a clause that I believed she will remain 95% open to me as I am to her.

Since she finished(graduated) now. When I talk about settling down she declines. Which is contrary to our previous agreements when we started 14months ago…which she said immediately she finishes, she will settle down.

But now she started saying I want to work and give my mother money and sponsor my junior ones. I told her my plan for her and her family which by God’s grace I can conveniently take good care of them if we marry. (Set up the woman, help the junior brother in school fees and some pocket money). She knows that I can but for sometimes now.

Since she finished school she has changed,
*I can allege her of Infidelity
*Dishonoring me
*Unteachable…and apart from all this she has many undesirable issues that attaches to her birth that I believe that God can use me to put smiles on her face. But now I just keep silent looking at her in whatever she does.

Because since I do try to correct her and she keeps been violent and I don’t want to double date . But I think she is doing all this because I don’t have alternative to her. Maybe that is why she is treating me in such manner. I don’t have any disability and I am awesome and cool. I think I need alternative. Please advise.

Thanks You!

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