My Husbands Cheats…I’m Tempted To Retaliate.

Me and my husband is married for 4 years now and been together for 6 years with a beautiful 4 year old boy. Before I got married to my husband I was with another guy. We were best friends, lovers and nothing could get in between us… long story short, he ended up going over seas so we have not had any contact. Then I met my husband, after a year I became pregnant.

Then we had to re locate because of my husbands work. So he and his mom lied to me by saying I’m not allowed to move into the same house my husband’s work gave him before we got married. So we ended up getting married in cord. Since we got married and moved into a new house, he has been always drinking or going out with his work partners.

He never ever put any effort in by helping with our baby. If they don’t drink or go out he will sit and watch movies till 3 or 4am. This has been going on for 4 years now. He treats his staff better than me and his own child. In his mind he thinks that I’m his child as he screams on me in front of our boy and he is willing to help a single mom working with him but can’t be there for his own child.

He has pushed me away so match that I ended up liking it to be on my own. The only difference is that we are still in same house. So my ex contacted me again. He is back from overseas and we have been emailing each other everyday now for 4 months. Then my husband got hold of my phone and he was reading all the emails and now knows that I want to leave him so now he’s trying his best to ensure I do not leave.

Before my ex came into the picture I have packed up several times and left because of my husband as he can’t stop cheating on me. Every 3 weeks I catch him doing so with different women and they are reps. from his work. The only reason I stayed was because of our boy.

But deep in my heart, I knew the right thing to do was to pack up and go with my boy, but on the other side I feel sorry for my boy. My husband reminds me everyday that he knows about me and my ex wanting to get together and that he is playing mind games with me.   I used to love my husband but he pushed me away. So far I really don’t love him any more.

When ever he sends me a message since he found out that I have contact again with my ex. he keeps on telling me how match he loves me and more and I also reply him that the only reason I’m with him is because of our son.

I don’t know what to do with him playing mind games with me making me feel guilty just once that I decided to cheat and he has cheated more than I can count on my 2 hands.


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