No sex, No money and No happiness.

After our first sex, I got pregnant. I couldn’t  abort the pregnancy because I once had ectopic pregnancy for my ex. So I told my mom about the pregnancy she said I will keep the baby. So we got married and 2 weeks before the wedding I lost my mom. Till the time I put to bed My husband didn’t have sex with me.

If i talk to him about it, he’s always like we will do it in the morning and when it’s morning he says we’ll do it at night. He kept saying that till I put to bed. So after the baby….he was still saying the same thing. But after a whole lot of prayers he responded after 2  years. We had it once but with hard work, he has to watch blue film…before he could gain erection.

Luckily for me I had the second pregnancy and it was going on like that. We have sex like once in a year or once in 2 years. After the second baby he just changed completely. He started keeping late nights and doesn’t eat at home. If I complain he beats me up.

Till a night I checked his phone, I saw a message from another woman that just had another baby for him, saying the baby does not have food again. Then I was very mad, because initially I thought he had a low sex drive but with the new baby from another woman…I concluded it’s beyond that. I couldn’t hold it again and since then we quarrel everyday. At a point I packed out of the house.

He came begging, my mum’s friend advised me to just have all my children in a place because I have 2 girls…was looking for a boy so I followed him back after he has begged. After 3 months I got back home…I had the third pregnancy luckily for me I had a boy. The boy is 4 years now and he hasn’t move close to me.

The worst part of it all, he’s not taking any responsibility in the house. I foot all the bills. His family is aware of everything but they are not doing anything about it but at this point I think am tired. Please, what should I do.

Thank You!

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