She Doesn’t Mind Being My Second Wife…After Heartbreak!

Years ago I fell in love with my ex who eventually was the second daughter of one of my family friends.  I know virtually every members of their community here in Lagos because of my closeness with them.  For this reasons, I felt I should have my ex as a sign of good relationship I had with them.

My ex parents and siblings were aware of our relationship but it reach a stage the father said to her that not that he did not like me as a person but he will not see to our being together as husband and wife which my ex asked the father what was the reason(s) but the father refuses to give any.

She kept assuring me that we should be patient…that her father will soon change his mind. One day she came to inform me that there was this Pastor who normally come to eat at her mother’s restaurant and he said he wants to marry her but she told him that she was engaged to another man and moreover she cannot marry a pastor.

One Christmas, we had a plan to spend it with my sister here in Lagos who lost her husband that year. She was supposed to meet me there on Christmas day. I waited all day long without her something she hasn’t done before. When I returned to see her to know what was responsible for her absence, she couldn’t have much to say.

Few months later she got married to the same pastor but the marriage could not last. By then, I’ve also gotten married too to another woman. She had a son and the marriage crumbled but she wants me back. Thank God i’m happily married. She said she doesn’t mind to be my second wife.

The question now is, had it been her marriage did not hit the rock, would she have come back to me after she had broken my heart? I loved her so much then and she knows it. Your opinion is expected


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