Sincerely, I Still Love My Ex.!

I had issues growing up, I didn’t get the love every child gets from her father. I met my ex boyfriend when I was in SS 2. He de-flowered me when I got admitted into higher institution. We dated for 7years(now 9years) and I had a baby for him (though baby died 4years ago). He still doesn’t know that he had a child with me because I hide it from him.      

Reason: My dad was looking for him with police men then, so he had to run to another state. I didn’t know I was pregnant then until after 3months. We lost contact and I had to present my close friend to my parent as the father because my dad wouldn’t have allowed me keep his child then.   He came back after a year and saw me with a kid and he became mad that I cheated on him.

I couldn’t explain to him to avoid troubles from both parties. It wasn’t hard for him to move on with me and we dated again. Well… we broke up finally last year because spiritually,financially and academically he’s not fit. He lied to me that he went to school and he didn’t. Even after I found out, I tried to help him back to school but he was more concerned about his age (30years then).

Now i’m with another guy, the guy my parent wants. We’ve done our introduction and wedding is in six months time. He doesn’t want us to tell his parent that I already had a son and he maltreats me sometimes. Sincerely, I still love my Ex. but we had to move on.

Please help me, should I tell his parent on phone or wait till they come into the country by October as our wedding is in November. I’m confused.


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