Trapped Between Two Choice!

I met this guy some years back. We both work in Diamond bank together but we were just friends then. In 2011, he asked me out and I accepted him but he later told me that he was in love with someone else so he broke-up with me. I cried…then I decided to move on. I met other guys who asked me to date him he also told me that he loves me but I refused, he kept on disturbing me everyday and night but I did not accept the second guy.

One faithful friday, I was at work my ex guy sent me a text message saying that he wants us to come back together because the girl he left me for had just broken his heart. I accepted him back but I didn’t love him. I later accepted to date the second guy also which simply means i’m in a double relationship.

I don’t love my ex which we just got back, but i love the second guy so much. The problem is my ex is asking for my hand in marriage and I just don’t know if he will be a good husband because I and my ex never had s*x before still now, but I slept with the second guy so many times and my ex does not know that I have other relationship talk-less of having sex.

Please I need help because I really love the second guy and want to get married to the second guy that I love so much. I don’t know what to do. Advice me, no insult please.


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  1. U said u dnt love ur ex y did u even get back to gether, if he is askn for ur hand in marriage so??? U dnt jst rush in to marriage. Stay with d guy dat u love,

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