I Caught Him Record Our S*x Act!


I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years but during that period we do quarrel but about 3 years now we have been stable and serious with the relationship. He is 27years while i’m 20 years old. He makes it clear to me that he loves me and cant share me with another man. I don’t have issue with that because I do love him so so much. I am an under graduate and he is a fashion designer (he didn’t go to higher institution) nevertheless i still love him.

The issue now is that my guy is a lover of s*x. He is such a sex freak but i’m not complaining, i just always let him have his way because i love him being with me. But i’m no longer such if he still loves me as he says he does and it gives me concern a lot because i think he just wants to have sex with me and all.

Recently, he started asking for my naked pictures and i refused him on several occasion. I talked about it with him and he promised never to ask for such request again. But recently we went to an all-night party of a close friend of ours and i had to sleep over at his apartment because i was drunk. At his place i told him i was very weak and needed rest and he allowed me rest for a while but he later woke me up for s*x.

I allowed him although i was still weak. Along the line i noticed I saw him recording how we were making love. He taught i was not aware of what he was doing. I kept quiet just to avoid a huge fight. Immediately he finished he fell asleep. So i took his phone and checked maybe he uploaded it or sent it to somebody. Fortunately, he didn’t so i deleted it immediately.

I acted as if noting happened but deep down i was really hurt and felt bad. I find it so hard to talk about it with him and i’m sure by now he is aware that i know about it because he has been acting all cool and gentle. I don’t know what to do or even how to face him and question his foolish act.

It disturbs me a lot whenever i remember the incident and my guy would never accept the fact that i want to end this relationship. I need help on this issue.



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