My Fiancé Still Communicates With His Ex.



My fiancée recently paid my bride price, but I found out recently he still communicates with his ex. They still exchange “I love you” words. I was really angry when I saw a text message he sent to her, he didn’t inform her he was even getting married. I asked him several times to inform the girl but he keeps giving me excuses. I was then forced to send a message to her using a friends phone number that he just paid the bride price of someone else.

I didn’t do it in an insulting way, just passed the information to her. But right now my fiancé is really suspecting that I did that and has asked me several times but I lied I didn’t send any message. He’s really taking this too far and serious and I don’t know why. He keeps calling my friends number asking her who sent her and even insulting her, but my friend didn’t reply back.

Now his attitude towards me has changed which shows he is really suspecting me and angry about it. What borders me is why he is so bordered about it and why it is “paining” him this much. I am thinking of cancelling every wedding plans and asking my dad to return the bride price because I can’t stand this ex-drama in my marriage since he still has feelings for his ex.
Am i desperate to marry? I know mine will come when it’s Gods time. Please, what do you advice me to do?



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