Secret Love: My Family Dislikes My Fiancé Because of His Shady Past!

tumblr_m9s245aDDg1qenripo1_500I’m 23 years, currently in my final year(University) and i’m dating a guy who is 30 years and he happens to be my brother’s friend. We started dating this year May and when we started, he told me everything he has done in the Past (He has dated so many girls). And said he has changed because he is no longer a kid. That he wants to settle down now which i observed its true.

But this same guy has dated my Sister’s Best friend years back. When i told my brother about him, he said the guy just wants to use me and dump me but i see a different thing being with this guy. He has introduced me to his brothers and father as his wife-to-be and he keeps asking me when we’re going to get married and wants me to get pregnant for him but i told him i’m not ready.

My mum doesn’t seem to like him too because he was staying in our area at that time he did all he did in the past and she doesn’t believe he has changed. We’re dating in secret, nobody knows i’m dating him and i don’t know how to tell my sister and brother that warned me about him and my Sister’s friend.

I’m scared she will hate me forever because it seems she still likes him. I don’t know what to do because i really like this guy and don’t want to lose him.


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