She’s Often Online Yet She Doesn’t Chat With Me.



I’m 29 years old dating a 25 years old lady. She loves me all in the name of “I will marry her” which I’ve not told her. Now i’m in Abuja while she is in Imo (distance). She finds it difficult to chat with me even after reading my chat and then chooses to reply after 10 hours. If I get annoyed she will plead and call me sweet names but she kept on repeating the same character.

I test her by asking her question about men’s character in a relationship, she said they’re all useless and are all the same (am I included)? She’s always online without chatting with me. At first I don’t love her but as time goes on I begin to fall in love.

Now she doesn’t give the attention I needed and i’m bordered and couldn’t concentrate on achieving my targets. Does she have another boyfriend that made her change. I want to be free. Please help!


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