He Confessed To Have Had S*x With His Church Member.


I’m 25years old final year student, dating a guy same age…he’s a graduate awaiting NYSC. We’ve been dating for a year now. About 1 month ago my boyfriend called me & told me a female church member would be staying in his house for 3 days from Owerri, because they have a church program…(Dominion City). I accepted due to the trust I had for him.

On that Sunday he told me to go to church with him but later he told me he can’t wait for me…that I should meet him in church which was unusual of him. So I felt it was because of that girl in his house that made him not to wait for me. After all he was inviting me to my church, RCCG. He said the girl couldn’t wait anymore. I felt bad but we later sorted the issue out after 1 week.

After our make up he took me out & confessed that he had sex with the girl he allowed to stay in his house (female church member). I felt bad but I had to let it go & I gave him antibiotics to take because he didn’t use condom with her. After a week he came back & told me that the girl said she was pregnant. I told him to invite the girl over, then i prescribed drugs for her to take after confirming she was pregnant (i’m an auxiliary nurse before I got admission to study MediLab).

But I later thought of it that this guy that I allowed to stay with a girl & he got her pregnant, worst might happen & my relationship will be at risk. So i told my boyfriend to send her the money so she can take care of herself over there…which he reluctantly accepted. On Friday of that week my boyfriend called me & told me to prescribe drugs for him & I told him i wont prescribe until he tells me who wants to use it.

After much persuasion he told me it’s for the girl. I asked if she was around, he said “yes”. I got angry because he didn’t tell me the girl would come after what we agreed…He started shouting at me when I came back, calling me all sort of names that I couldn’t trust him. After everything that night, i went to the chemist & I gave him the drugs for her to take. Meanwhile my friend told him to take the girl to clinic but he bluntly refused.

Early in the morning, he came to my house that the girl couldn’t stand the pain, that she vomited everything & washed out the one she inserted in a v***na. I went to his house, asked the girl some questions & found out this guy had been lying to me. The girl has been his childhood friend, they became intimate last year. He disvirgined her & she doesn’t even know what birth control is because she’s so naive…

I told him that if he still want us to continue he should tell the girl the truth about us, which he bluntly refused. He seems to be taking my meekness for granted. Although he used to be nice & caring in the past. Now, it’s been almost 2 weeks he last called, no sign of remorse. I don’t know if what I did was wrong or wright, i’m confused…Mind you the girl in question doesn’t know anything about us… I need advice please.


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