I Love My Wife But I Am Not Sexually Attracted To Her.



I am a young man in my 30’s. Good looking and I work in a multinational firm in Lagos. I am married and blessed with a very good wife and lovely baby girl. She is approaching age 1. I am blessed with a happy and lovely home and I am afraid my petty feelings are about to cost me everything.

I Love my wife but I am not sexually attracted to her. We make love maybe twice in 3weeks. This is not the way I want it but I don’t find myself feeling like it with her. Even when she wants it, I find myself not feeling interested in it. I had been like this with her since we were dating. Truth is, I haven’t been sleeping around but I have the tendencies.

I once had a mistress and we had loads of s*x but I had to call myself to order so I quit. Now, i think something is wrong with me. I need your help.


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