I Send Him My Nak*d Pics Just To Satisfy Him.


I met this guy online. He said he stole my number from my cousin. We have been dating for the last 4months. The problem is that i have this feelings that he doesn’t care about me. Sometimes, we might not talk for a whole day or more. Sometimes, when I tell him i’m sick he doesn’t really care about me. He always gives the excuse of being busy.

He uses different female pictures as his DP most especially his sister. He always complain of me being an hijabite. He said he just want me to cover my hair which I told him is not possible. I’m the type that doesn’t like makeup but he wants me to do it because he loves it. I send him my naked pictures just to make him feel special but we never have s*x.

Most times when we have issues, i end it by sending him my pictures and begging him. He doesn’t want to hang out with me because our lives is totally different. He prefers to hang out with his friends. And this days we have issues that he won’t even reply my message on time. May be because i don’t send him my pictures again.

The most serious part is that i have no feelings for him like before cos i don’t trust him anymore. I told him everything i feel each time I feel about it but he will say i always take things too serious. I can’t really explain it better than this. I don’t wanna break up with him cos i still love him and i want him in my life.

Just want him to keep on appreciating me and love me for who i am, especially bcos of ma hijab. I think he just wants S*x with me. But he just wants to convince me cos he knows i’m still a virgin. Sometimes I just have to accept since we just talk on phone but i do it to close the discussion. What can I do in this situation?



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