Secret Love: I Swallowed My Pride…But Scared Of His Mum.

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I’m a 24years old lady and I have not had any stable relationship that can lead to marriage. Though I have been in several relationships but in one way or the other it doesn’t last. I met a guy when I was in 200 level but he was serving(NYSC) then. He asked me out but I didn’t really like him so I gave it time and then said YES to him after a while.

He never wanted me to come to his house cos he was living with his parent. We were always meeting @ his friend’s place or a guest house. I wasn’t cool with it and I asked why he doesn’t want me to meet his parent and he said he has taken too many girls home and his parent take him to be un serious so he wants to take me home when we are both sure that we’ll be getting married.

I understood him quite alright and we kept seeing at his friend’s place for like 6months. I told him virtually everything about me, the good, the bad and the ugly. He did the same too and we were so much in love with each other until I decided to want to know his house which he took me. Though he told me his mum was a deeper life woman and that I should dress decent when coming.

Which i did but when I got there…his mum looked at me in such a strange way that I was scared of visiting again. To cut the long story short we started having issues cos of his mum and some other little issues and then we broke up. He cried and pleaded for me not to go but I did anyway. After that I met a new guy and we had a relationship but when I told him about my past he started acting up and it led to our break-up.

Meanwhile my first Boyfriend whom I left was still pleading for me to come back but I was stubborn in that process. His previous Ex., the girl he dated before dating me came back and they kinda got back together but he still kept pleading with me to come back that am the one he Loves but I still didn’t accept. I dated another guy after that but we also didn’t work out yet my first boyfriend who was my ex was still pleading.

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