Badoo Love: In Love With A Guy That Tagged Me His S3xMate!.


I met a guy on badoo 4years ago,he pleaded with me severally on badoo just to get my contact and after a while I gave it to him and then we got to see. At first I didn’t like him,he was too nice like a brother so I took him as a friend. He never asked me out either so we became friends. After three years he finally confessed that he really likes me.

He usually assist me whenever I needed his help especially financially, so he said that was why he was always there for me. I honestly didn’t know since he never asked me out. After that confession, I realised I had feelings for him too and I was currently single. My friends kept saying he loves me very much if not why would he help me all throughout those years and said I should give him my attention so I listened.

So we hooked up real good and had s3x severally. It was crazy, so I just assumed because of his confession that we were dating. So it got to a point where I wanted to know if we were serious or not, so I asked him and he told me bluntly that we were not dating and that we are just having s3x so we are just s3x buddies. I couldn’t understand why.

This is someone that was patient for that long. He is nice and God fearing plus he is from Yoruba, while i’m from Akwa-ibom and we just clicked. Everything was so smooth I never saw it coming. When I asked him why he can’t date me he said it’s because I’m too beautiful and that I have fleets of lovers and that I’m a liar, so he can’t trust me.

Hence, he can’t date someone he doesn’t trust, after having s3x with me severally hmm!. What was even worse was that I’ve caught deep feelings for him already even after this revelation I still missed him and wanted to be with him. The fact is that I’m in love with a guy that calls me his s3xmate.

I feel so ashamed and deceived and heartbroken but I don’t know what to do please I need your advice,should I pay him back or ignore his entire being and just move on??
No insults please.


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