Traditionally Married and Engaged But Deeply In Love With Another.


Greetings Admin for the great work you have been doing of helping people out of the confused situations.
Here is my story….
I met and dated my first boyfriend during my service year. We dated for 3years+ before we separated.

During those period, I often went to his village at times to see him and that’s how his family and relatives got to know about me. Before we broke up, he proposed to me but I rejected because he had plans of traveling outside the country to further his studies. I promised him then I would marry him if he comes back to the country and I was still unmarried which himself and his family didn’t really like.

The arguments and disagreements of been unfaithful or going into another relationship during the period we would be apart was what really led to our separation. He was outside for 2years before he returned. While he was outside the country, I got into another relationship with a very close friend of mine whom I went to same university with, which he was aware of but didn’t frown at it cos we separated on a peaceful note.

Last year December, he came back home and asked I keep to my promise as he had kept to his by returning home and I wasn’t married yet. I accepted to marry him cos i still had feelings for him. He is the first guy I dated and felt in love with. By March, the whole traditional rights has been concluded. It was few months after then that I realized that what I felt for my ex. (my course mate at school who also deeply was in love with me and was planning to propose to me on his birthday party celebration by July) was stronger than what I felt for my fiancé.

I have been having emotional traumas ever since then and i’m so confused and don’t know what to do. Wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life living as a wife to someone while my heart yearns for another. Don’t know if I should open up to my fiancé or be silent about everything as we are already married traditionally.
Please I need your candid advice.


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