What your Birth Month says about your personality.

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Many of us have heard that our Zodiac signs reveal quite a lot about our personalities. At the same time Chinese have this strong belief that the birth year of someone reveals a lot about the type of person they are. Here we are going to tell you about what your birth month reveals regarding your personality. There might be many people out there who do not believe in these things but at the same time there’s no harm in reading what we have to say about this. These things are always interesting and can sometimes be true.


January obviously is the first month of the year and the people who are born in January are said to have strong ethics regarding work, they will never hesitate to raise their voices regarding their opinions.

They will not hesitate to tell you if they disagree with your opinion. Such people usually turn out to be really good leaders because of their drive to succeed as well as persistence but at the same time they’re not very good at listening to other people’s opinions.

They naturally have the ability to teach people and they also like to learn new things from their surroundings as well as different people.


People who are born in February have natural artistic tendencies. They like new and unique ideas and they also like to work on such ideas which are not so common. They really like to get involved in intellectual discussions and they get bored easily when they are conversing with people who are not really good at sharing their ideas or they’re not intellectually competitive. Many people believe that such type of people are free spirits and they do not like the rigid rules of the society.

They sometimes break the rules but not to a dangerous extent. They also love to travel the moment they get a chance. Their nature is adventurous and they love to explore at the same time they’re dreamers. They are very loyal to their friends as well as their partners.


Just like people born in February, the people born in March are also considered as being highly imaginative and creative. But there is one thing that is different in them and that is that they’re more introverted and quiet.

Their introspective nature keeps them slightly away from social gatherings as well as social scenarios. They like to think a lot regarding themselves and the people around them. They usually live inside their own minds and they keep themselves busy there by creating their own masterpieces. This type of people would usually turn towards the art of expressing their emotions as well as their ideas.

This can be done through creative writing. They also do it through other Arts such as painting sketching. They put in extra effort to hide most of the facts about themselves from others because they like to keep things to themselves. Then love peace and they like natural environments over urban environments. They avoid crowded and noisy places.

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