It’s Beginning To Look Like I’m The Second Wife


My name is Toyin. I am 31 years old. I started dating my boyfriend when I was in Jss 2, he was the one who dis-virgined‎ me. Along the line I broke up with him. We lost contact for 2 years then we met again via facebook but at that time he was already out of the country. He started asking me out again but however he had a girlfriend who was staying with him at that time but he said they were having issues.

He asked me out for about 8 years. Eventually I agreed. He came to Nigeria for a month but I only saw him four times. He didn’t have my time at all and I was so sad so I broke up with him again. When he went back he started begging me again. We were on it for another 3years. He kept saying he is a changed person and all.

I allowed him back into my life. At the moment he is in Nigeria and he now has a child with this same lady, the lady stays in his house in Nigeria. He said the child was a mistake and that they broke up… she left the states and then called him 3months after she left that she was pregnant and he has no other choice than to take care of the child.

We are always together. We attend family occasions together. We spend public holiday. He uses our pictures on his BBM dp and we spend festive period together. He sleeps at mine most times but goes home once in a while to change his cloth. He never picks her calls when he is with me but picks his calls when he goes home no matter the time I call.

However, recently he traveled to Europe on vacation and he went with the Lady and his daughter. Though he didn’t tell me he went with her but a friend told me. I confronted him and he said he was scared to tell me and he was sorry, cos he calls me all the time and we are always on the phone chatting till late, he sends pictures and videos of all his movement to me.

He claims all he does is for the child. On his daughter’s 1st birthday he was with me till 1.30am and then he came back to my place after the party. Now am tired of all this, I can’t go to his place because of the lady we are always at mine or hotel. I wanna leave the relationship but he has been begging me to Exercise little more patience with him that he will sort it out soonest.

He said the lady wants to relocate to Europe but he doesn’t want her to go with his daughter. Am really scared cos now he wants to rent a new apartment, a place he can call his own. It’s beginning to look like am a second wife cos am not even sure if they are married but he says they are not. I don’t want to be a second wife.

Should I exercise little patience or leave him. I love him so much. Am so confused. Please advice me. 


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