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I have been happily married for a year and few months now. Yes, happily because my husband is the most caring, generous and thoughtful man (no exaggerations) but as much as this is a blessing, I feel it is also my curse. 

Here’s why:
I just had a baby and there was no “omugwo” from either of our parents (story for another day), so I had to get a maid after a while to help out with house chores. We both treat the maid well believing if we do, she will be nice to our child. 

But recently, my husband has gone out of his way to be extra nice to the girl, paying her compliments even when I am there. Using words like “I” instead of the usual “we” when addressing her, for example, “I will enroll you for another WAEC, I will train you in school, I appreciate all that you do, this or that” etc. He even told me that he has dreamt about her several times trying to seduce him. He is concerned about how she feels and so on.

Now some people might think this is jealousy but this is more like a red flag. Did I mention that this is a “19 year” old girl who we both initially didn’t like because of several reasons, few of which includes: tying towels when hubby is around, wearing unbuttoned shirts when bending in front of him, rude and arrogant to me but pretends in front of hubby. 

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