Investing With Fiancé and Problem That Follows.

There is this guy I was dating: We dated for 3 years plus, he was hoping to settle down with me. I didn’t accept his offer (not financially buoyant enough) and didn’t reject it either (because I felt with the right push, he’ll be fine). I decided to talk to him to set up a business so he could have another source of income.

Days later, he came up with more than 3 great business ideas but capital was the major issue. Since we were dating (hoping to get married soon) and I could fund his business ideas (I earn more than him), we picked one of the many business ideas he had and I funded it. We agreed I’ll be in charge of all the cash made from sales (company account opened and I was the sole signatory, I do all the signing and also monitor money credited and debited) while he will only manage the company with my brother also (just another way of making sure he isn’t doing something funny with the money).  

He was totally honest with all by the way, we discuss everything no matter how small and he doesn’t make any decision without consulting me first.

As God will have it, the business grew over night with huge money inflow coming into the account, along the line we had a very big issue (irreconcilable differences) and I “sacked” him and my brother took over. 

The issue I’m having now is that he is asking I split everything about the business to 50:50 which I refused, after so much thought I proposed 10:90 ratio, my guy refused and threatened fire and brimstone (lol) that he will sue I and my company. Is 10:90 not okay? 

What do I do? 


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