I’ve I Been Simply Stupid?

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I just turned 26 years old, I’m from the middle belt and should I say I’ve had a blessed life? I was lucky enough to get my first job right after NYSC and now I work in a lucrative industry, have a seven-figure salary and drive a Mercedes so I’m really okay. But life has not been a bed of roses cause I have sickle Cell (I’m SS) and my dad is late.

I’m in a serious relationship that’s lasted almost four years. My boyfriend is 29, AA, ibo and is comfy but not swimming in it per se. He hasn’t proposed, but he’s introduced me to his entire family except his dad. He was my first as I wanted to stay a virgin until I marry but I finally gave up the cookie last year because I was pretty sure it’s him I’ll finally settle down with.

Now the problem is; this year when he started making plans about getting married next year, all of a sudden I’m hearing about his people not wanting him to marry a girl from my place. First, he said the day he told his dad his girlfriend is from my place, his dad said he can marry from anywhere except there and then the next day his dad took him on a journey to another state to see his (the dad’s) long-lost friend and then introduced him (boyfriend) to the friends daughter (she’s ibo so highly acceptable).

I freaked out when he told me but he calmed me down, promising his undying love and pointed out that if he had any plans of actually dating the girl he wouldn’t have told me, which made sense so I chilled.

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