Love Story Gone South.

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It all started in 2015,when I met him through a friend of mine in school and I was also preparing to write my final paper then. That was around August and we started getting along so by October we started dating officially by December I met with his family and by January he came to meet my mum first and later to meet the whole family, after which his parents came to meet my parents.

I was actually planning to go for my service I went back to school for my final clearance,i noticed I was pregnant by April,when I told him the first thing he said was I should go and rid of it but I Insisted on not getting rid of it, because I felt it’s not proper,he later agreed that I shouldn’t get rid of it, he told his parents I told my sister and from her to my mom, at first she was really mad at me but later she accepted,and she was like I should not get rid of it.

Been a Muslim we were both asked to do introduction and nikkahi cause I was pregnant after the nikkahi in May I went for my service in June, I was posted to Ogun state and he is in Ondo state. I had to stay in Lagos with my parents because it is the closest place to my ppa and for close monitor cause of my present condition, everything was going on smoothly though we would have issues and after some days we would resolved it.

At first I believed it’s the distance between us, I kept on apologizing even though am not at fault but just for peace to reign. We had our baby in December so I have to move to his parents house for the christening etc I left his parents place after the christening because I was not really getting the necessary care there and he left for Ondo as well, his family started calling and saying different kinds of things that why should I take the baby away like that blah, blah, my parents made them understand that it was because I was serving but deep down it’s not.

When he was taking us back to my parents house he didn’t leave us with anything reason been that he knows am collecting my allowance from my service while on maternity leave, the worst of is that all the money I received on my baby’s christening, he collected it from me saying he wanted to use it to open account for her and I didn’t drag it with him.

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