Sting Of Love.

Love Where art thy Sting,
Like a blast from the past,
You crept into my present,
Tinkling my heart in a way only you can,
Making me crave for you and only you,
Blessing me with all the smiles,
Associated with you,
Endowing a face long deprived of one.

Love where art thy Conscience,
With confidence fully reposed in you,
I wine and dine with all my guards loosened,
As I crave to indulge all your recklessness,
Only reckless to all,
Not to me,
As all I see is the transient panacea,
You render to a broken heart.

Love why are thy two faced,
I’d always thought you were a figment of a disillusioned imagination,
Making a charade of our pleasant accord,
One best imagined,
I’d rather remain in my cocoon,
Than to spring to life,
Only to wake up from a mere slumber.

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