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My church wedding is in 2 months and i’m currently attending the compulsory marriage course. During one of our lectures, we were told that intending couples‎ must disclose their earnings and financial worth 100% to their would be spouse.  This has made me really uncomfortable, reason being that When my husband and I met, we promised never to tell lies to each other and so far, it’s been a truthful and transparent relationship‎.

My husband‎ is a very caring and nice person. He tries his best to put smiles on my face and I love him very much. He’s the type that believes a man must take care of his family. He’s not even interested in whether I have shishi. Lol. 

We just had our traditional marriage ceremony and I didn’t contribute a dime to the ceremony as he practically took care of everything even in this hard economy. And we are both from the south east.

Now my fellow followers, I have my whole life savings of about N1.6M stashed in one of my accounts which I made him believe belongs to someone. But i’ve been thinking if it would be wise of me to disclose this to him considering the rate at which men change after marriage.  Although I pray there won’t be any negative change. I am afraid because I wouldn’t want my husband to discover by himself that I have an account or money he isn’t aware of‎. You know how the devil works. Lol.

This may come as a surprise to him though if I tell him because he has never imagined me to have such. In his mind, I have less than N200k in my account.
I am jobless for now but my husband is a salary earner. Although I know his monthly earnings and he tells me about his quarterly bonuses  but he hasn’t‎ really told me how much he is worth (not like i’m interested though). I also know of some other businesses he does and the incomes.

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