Virgin S3xed Like Ho.

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I don’t even know if I need an advice or I just want to rant. I am just so miserable now and my life is beyond repair. 

I am a young lady of 27 years, and I see myself as every man’s desire, do you know why? I am pretty, a virgin, humble, kind, homely, hardworking, adventurous, understanding and the list goes on.

Though, I am not saying I am perfect but you see, despite all these I can’t boast of a man or even a relationship. I have been with myself since I knew what dating is. Every relationship I try just hits the rock for one reason or the other though mostly the fact that guys just want to have my cookie jar which I so much try to keep for the right man.

Few months back, I became fed up with the whole thing and decided to break the cookie jar. So I said to myself that I was just going to pick a nice guy for the job but whenever we try to get down to the act, I tend to withdraw. Ok oh..so that was how I continued and on the long run, the Mr. nice guy left. Then I heard about this terrible ‘runs’ site (permit me not to mention the name), I joined the site and got s3x request from so many guys. At this point, you should note that I just wanted to break my cookie jar.

Moving on, I picked this random guy and we eventually arranged to meet in his house. After all the back and forth, I finally arrived at his house in the evening by 7:00pm. Meanwhile, he doesn’t know I am a V and I didn’t tell him either. 

Besides, if you see me you will never imagine I am one and I don’t act nor dress like one. I dress decently though.
He welcomed me o, took me to his room to watch a movie while he stayed in his sitting room with friends. Finally, he came to his room and started kissing and touching. I responded real good! Then he halted and told me he needed to discharge his friends. Hmmm ok o..I laid back and continued with my movie. 

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