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My life has been a story of how one wrong decision can alter your life.

I met a girl during my hustling days after my NYSC, she was writing her JAMB exams then, she did plenty shakara for me and didn’t seem interested so after plenty wooing I just gave up. Months later I got my first real job and surprisingly I got a call from this girl and for the first time in almost a year agreed to come visit me.

I initially felt I wouldn’t take her serious since when I hustled she didn’t appreciate me but now I had a corporate job she wants a relationship. Anyway, my feelings got rekindled and we started a relationship. She seemed gentle and would never quarrel with me no matter the issue and though we were never intellectually and emotionally compatible we dated for 3 years. 

I eventually got a better job with a multinational company and became comfortable. Meanwhile my girlfriend got pregnant and we decided to keep it. I did a formal introduction with her family, well they’ve known me for years and even allowed her stay with me especially since I was supporting them financially. 

After that introduction she changed totally. She quarreled constantly over flimsy things, became insultive and would never listen to me. I started wondering what i’d gotten myself into.

I contemplated ending the relationship but I didn’t want to have a child out of wedlock and besides she was already far gone to consider terminating the pregnancy. Though I told her father that we should not discuss marriage till after child birth, one month later I found myself planning a wedding. My family was surprised but they just tagged along (note that they had noticed her new behavior as she was now giving everyone attitude).

She got so quarrelsome that I became so dismayed at the life I would live with her as my wife. One day after going to see her at her parents house, she behaved so badly that I parked my car on a street close to my house and started weighing my options. 

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