I wrote a story a while ago about my girlfriend of about six years who traveled, started acting up. I cried, begged but she said it was over.

So I focused on my job and along the line found someone great who loves me. I took it slow with the new girl because of my experience in the past. The new girl ended up traveling to the states and I just zeroed my mind that It was over, but no it wasn’t she would call, text we spoke for hours and I decided to go visit her this year which was awesome!!!.

Note that we are not dating we just close friends and I know she really loves me.. 

Now the gist is that my ex of six year whom I loved more than anything wants to come back and everyone keeps saying the devil you know is better blah blah blah.

A part of me still cares about her won’t lie but she dumped me when I needed her the most and I feel the only reason she’s coming back is because she broke up with the guy she dumped me for, even though she keeps saying she chose me over him. 

Note: I never visited my ex because I didn’t have a visa then, was planning towards her graduation but she started acting up during her 3rd month in the states.

I am really lost ‘cos she was a good girl when here and was there for me when I was a broke ass while the new girl reminds me of her when we were In school and In love. The new girl is awesome and shows me that distance doesn’t matter…. who would you pick???? 


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