11 Bad Signs Of A Terrible Partner That Most People Tend To Miss In Relationships.

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If you don’t want to end up getting blindsided, you have to stay vigilant. Keep an eye out for some of these red flags because a lot of people tend to miss them in a fresh relationship. Here are 11 bad signs of a terrible partner that most people tend not to notice in a new relationship:

1. Your partner pressures you into rushing through the stages of a relationship.

A relationship should always be allowed to take its natural course. You can’t ever expect a relationship to work out for the best if you’re constantly rushing through it. If your partner is rushing you, then it could point to potentially abusive and manipulative behavior in the long run.

2. Your partner doesn’t really have any experience in love.

You should be familiar with the saying that you would never want to be a person’s first. This would be fine if you’re just starting out in the dating scene as well. But if you’re a little too experienced with dating already, you wouldn’t want to have to put up with someone who is new to the game.

3. Your partner is way too experienced in relationships.

And on the other side of the spectrum, you don’t want to be with someone who is way too experienced as well. Someone who has been around the block way too many times is someone who clearly has issues – especially when they just can’t seem to manage to sustain a real relationship for long.

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