A final act of strength: Cancer bride joyfully lifts arms up as she marries soulmate – then dies hours later.

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EXCLUSIVE – Heather Lindsay passed away just 18 hours after her wedding. Her husband’s ex-wife, who took her wedding pictures, says: “She died the most devastatingly beautiful death”

Heather Lindsay has her makeup done before her wedding, just three days before Christmas

With her eyes barely open and tubes covering her body, the dying bride looks on as makeup is carefully applied to her cheeks for her wedding.

Soon after, she is wheeled down a corridor in her bed by doctors – now dressed in a stunning white gown and clutching a brown wig in her hands.

Defiant in the face of death, she places the wig on her bald head and goes on to marry the love of her life, David Mosher, in the hospital chapel.

Heather, 31, died just 18 hours after the emotional ceremony. A year-long battle with breast cancer had left her barely able to speak her wedding vows.

The bride hugs one of her stepdaughters as she prepares to marry her soulmate

She is wheeled down a hospital corridor, clutching a brown wig in her hands

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