The guy I am dating is so eager to get babies and he wants to get married soon. I have tried to plead with him to be patient till next year when am in my 400level but anytime we make love he expects a baby immediately and one biggest make i did was I did D&C 2 years back before I met him and I stupidly Told him so any time we make love the ring tone I hear is “are you sure you can get pregnant “…Those words really hurt my heart and we are just 4 months into the relationship now.

I just went back to school in a sad mood after visiting him because I threw up last night then immediately he said we should get the pregnancy test which I did and it showed negative. He was so disappointed that he didn’t even see me off on my way and even gave me transport. He now texted me to send my account details then he transferred some money into it but i think that’s a “good-bye cash” because I have said i won’t talk to him because am sure if am in school he would want to look for another alternative. Please what should i do?. Let go or pray he changes his mind.


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