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I have been married for 10 years and I have 4 kids with my husband. My husband’s sister had marital issues with her hubby so she left the marriage which produced 4 kids to come and stay with us in Abuja.

She stayed in my house for 6 months and during her stay, anytime my husband is going out she must follow him,even when my husband had gone out she will call him to come and carry her to wherever she wants to go. She calls him to pick her up and follow her to buy things, they hang out together during weekends. These are things my husband has never ever done for me.

When I was pregnant with my twins, I will beg my husband to drop me at a junction  when my car was bad, he will always complain that he is a very busy man. I became independent. I don’t disturb him any longer but I was shocked when all of a sudden he became less busy when the sister was in our house. The day I delivered my twin boys I drove myself to hospital and did all the hospital errands all by myself because he was nowhere.

He doesn’t hesitate to tell me that his sister is his bestie, his closest friend and that hurts me so bad.

When I married him, he lost his job and i used my salary to pay house rent and make sure there is food in the house for him to eat. I shed blood to birth his 4 kids but he appreciates his sister more. I am close to my own sisters but my husband and kids always come first . She later moved out when she got her own apartment but anytime I call my husband, he will be in the sisters house eating or relaxing.

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